Friday, July 9, 2010

There's an APP for that...

Okay, maybe not actually an APP... but it works!

We have no home phone in our home. Mr. Wonderful and I rely on our cell phones. He is never far from his phone, as for me... I loose it often! It's so frustrating for me at times when I cannot find it! I usually just wait until someone calls me, but I hate that! So look what I found:

This website lets you type in your phone number and it will call your phone so you can find it! Awesome! I've done it several times and have never had any problems with prank calls or any unsolicited calls! YAY! Maybe you can use it someday too!

(UPDATE: You may not want to actually ANSWER your phone when it rings... it may or may not be sex hotline. I was told this by my IRL Jenn friend. Just hit ignore!)

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  1. Um, check your email, ma'am!

  2. Yes, don't answer it, and SURELY don't press 9, y'all!

  3. oh my gosh, that is really funny!!

  4. I never did ask did you discover this site? Were you really Googling 'ways to find your phone when you've lost it'?