Thursday, July 1, 2010

DIY wreath - on the cheap!

Can you guess what this is made out of?! Give up?

Lima beans!! Who would have thought?! 

Well I found the tutorial on this little guy on a great blog and just HAD to make one! I think they are super cute. Here is the link to the tutorial if you'd like to make one yourself! Just click the link below!

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  1. Thats really cute! A smaller one painted up in sage green would go great in my kitchen! Just might try one of these!
    Thanks for the visit today as well.

  2. Seriously? How do people think of these things? That's adorable!

  3. Ohhhh, I want one of these, like real bad. Here's what I'm afraid of:

    I'll buy the stuff and get started and about 12 rows into it, one of two things will happen... 1) I'll lose interest, stop working on it and never pick it back up (Exhibit A would be the scarf I started crocheting in 2008...) OR 2) I would lose interest and then it would be all sloppy, which would totally NOT be as cute as what you did.

    You know, I don't *think* I have ADD or ADHD or ADDLMNOP, but it sounds like I lose interest in things rather quickly.