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Source: CSN Stores (this isn't my munchkin, but he's cute, huh?)

We've FINALLY put munchkin #3 in his own crib at night. This little gadget made it so much easier for me! It is amazing! I can't believe that we made it through 2 other munchkins with out it! I know, I know a lot of you don't see the need... but for me it equaled instant peace of mind!  I can see and hear him with out disturbing him  - even in the dark! I love it. No more worrying if he is okay or not. I can turn it on silent too, and just watch him!

Not only does it have night-vision, but you can play music from the handheld monitor with the push of a button! I love this little piece of equipment and I'll be using it for years to come!!  It will be so useful to put in the boys' room when I can't be in there to watch them! I can also catch them in their shenanigans when their older, ha!

You can get your own right here at one of CSN's 200 stores. 

Munchkin #3

Levana BABYVIEW20 Highlights
Source: CSN Stores

From the manufacturer:  There is nothing more important to you than your child’s safety and security. You want to be with them day and night to know that they are safe at all times. But with so much to do around the house in an average day, you know that it isn’t always possible. The BABYVIEW20 is Levana’s easy-to-use video baby monitor that ensures you’re always there for your loved one. This portable system allows you to watch over your child with a handheld monitor and be alerted whenever she makes a sound, even when the system is in standby mode. The night vision feature allows you to see your child when it’s dark, and you can play comforting lullabies directly from the camera. The BABYVIEW20 is the perfect solution for every parent - now you can rest easy knowing your child is safe! 

Levana BABYVIEW20 Highlights 

Set it Up in Seconds

Just switch on the camera and monitor and the system is ready to use. You will immediately see what the camera sees on the LCD screen. 

Watch Your Child with No Interference -- Clear Signal Technology

  • A digital wireless system ensures that you get a clear picture of your baby at all times.
  • No interference from cordless phones, microwave ovens, WiFi signals (from wireless routers), Bluetooth devices, or other wireless devices in your home.
  • All video and audio of your baby is kept private and secure -- a digital signal ensures a secure link that can not be intercepted.
  • Watch your baby anywhere in the house or outside (up to 150 ft).

Hassle-Free Portable Monitoring

The battery-powered monitor makes carrying it around easy and convenient. The included rechargeable Lithium-ion battery gives you up to 4.5 hours of continuous use, allowing you to easily move the monitor from room to room. A low battery indicator lets you know when the battery needs to be recharged. Just plug the monitor into a wall outlet to charge the battery or for long term use. 

Around The Clock Monitoring with Standby Mode

Standby mode allows you to rest easy, but be alerted instantly. This feature shuts off the monitor’s screen and audio. It will only turn back on when your child starts to cry or make noise. You will be immediately notified on the monitor you when your child starts to cry -- the LCD and audio will switch on. 

Night Vision Allows You To Watch Over Your Child Both Day and Night!

See your child at night with built-in night vision. Infrared LEDs output light that is invisible to the human eye but can be seen on the monitor. The night vision will turn on automatically when it gets dark and allow you to see up to 15ft away. It also turns off during the day to save energy.

(I was NOT compensated for this opinion, it is all of my own accord!)
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