Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My 2-year-old cusses... and I am so proud!

Yep, it's true. K2 says "ass", a lot. Well, he means "yes", but it sounds like "ass". It cracks us up. The reason we're so proud is because up until about 3 months ago, he didn't say much at all.  He was 22 months old before he said mama. So hearing "ass" is like music to my ears!  He also says "caca", which is a term of endearment for his little brother.

He's had pretty intense speech therapy for the last year or so. We'll take him saying "ass" is progress!!! Go K2! Who knows what will come out of his mouth next!
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  1. Atta boy! It's music to my ears, too. I'm so proud of you, K2!!!

  2. that's awesome! Way to go K2!!!

    ps. I think it's totally funny how you have named your little K's on here!