Friday, June 18, 2010

I live it Texas, y'all!

I totally realize that this animal pattern might not be everyone's cup of tea. But for US, it's perfect, don't judege!!! Before the re-do the chairs were simply a ho-hum plain-o tan pattern, and AFTER we've got mucho personality!  Who wouldn't want to perch their rumps on these babies?

We live the in the country y'all and we love this cow-hide pattern. It fits our family to the T.  Lately we've been on the lookout for a cow-hid rug, but the cost of one of those suckers just isn't at the top of the budget expenditures right now. What's a girl to do? Well naturally I check all of my online resources ... Ebay to the rescue! I found this fabric on for $5 per yard, SCORE! It is soft and fuzzy and simply perfect!

So here ya go... before and afters!  And yes I totally realize that we have 5 family members and a 4-person table... thank goodness the two little ones are still in high chairs so we have a little time to enjoy our new seat covers!

Recovering your dining room chairs has got to be one of the simplest makeovers you can do.  The hardest part just might be deciding on the fabric. All you have to do is remove the seats from the chairs or if you're like me... just ask Mr. Wonderful to remove them. Next stretch the fabric from side to side and have Mr. Wonderful flex his muscles with the staple gun. We stapled the corners last and it worked marvelously!  Before putting them into use we sprayed Scotch Guard to help prevent stains... and that's it!

I even had enough fabric to make these three soft throw pillows for the sofa! Yee Ha!

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