Thursday, June 24, 2010

From uh-oh to oh-wow!

We had a woopsie with our (wedding gift) ceramic bathroom trashcan! I wanted something cute to replace it, but I found nothing at a reasonable price, so I headed to Goodwill. I found this ho-hum maroon and gold trashcan that I totally didn't love one bit, but I saw potential.

First I cleaned it up and then sanded that bad boy back to bare wood. I decided to paint it black and I knew I wanted to adorn it with a 5 (since there's 5 peeps in my family). I printed out a large 5 from my computer,  traced it onto contact paper, cut it out and then used it as a stencil. Next I just spray painted it with a couple of coats of white paint, and then finally traced around the 5 with a paint pen to clean up the edges and that's it!

It was pretty simple and I think it makes a a nice improvement! The best part is that it only cost me a buck fifty!
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  1. Have you ever read Buzzings of a Queen Bee? This post instantly made me think of her! She finds things with potential at garage sales and Good Will, practically anywhere, and turns them into adorable things!