Friday, September 3, 2010

Do you do it once a week?! Eeek!

Oh my! I heard last week on the Today Show that makeup brushes should be washed once a week!!

I certainly don't wash mine weekly, do you?

I tried to remember the last time I did wash them... and realized it had probably been about 6 months. Eeek!

I think once a week is probably a bit excessive, but perhaps I better do it more than twice annually!

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  1. once a week?! That's probably not going to happen...I did clean mine two weeks ago though!! I will probably start doing it every few months now though.

  2. I read that a while back and hasn't happened for me yet. Don't know if I'll ever make myself wash them that often.

    (Found you through PW's blog!)

  3. yeah, well... I do it like once a year. so hopefully I make you feel better! But then I only use one for blush and one for eye shadow. I only use the face powder one like once a month.
    what's that? You don't care? I'm rambling on? Oh... I'll stop! ;-)

  4. Wow! What are you supposed to wash them with so you don't hurt them?! Shampoo? Dishsoap?