Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ebay is dumb.

Today in my inbox I received an email from Ebay. It said "here are some recommendations for you"! Man they must REALLY know me! NOT. These were my personalized suggestions, you know, because they know me so well.
I haven't worn pantyhose in at least 10 years. Do they still make Coloralls?! I wonder if that package is from the 80s? Then they have suggested that I buy some plus size clothes... hmmmm sure I've gained some weight over the past couple of years (2 pregnancies will do that to ya), but I don't think that I'm considered plus size just yet. Then on to the gymboree girls clothes ... wrong again Ebay, I've got three boys. 

Thanks for these fabulous finds Ebay, I'll get right on that bidding...

I wonder how they pick this stuff!?
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  1. What do you meaaaaaaan how do they pick it? They clearly know you very well!